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Un bel di vedremo la Buenos Aires - 1er de Junio 2010
Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Secondo Maria Puccini

26 nov 2020

To me it seems, paradoxically, that from the 900 years of "hard music", classical. and religious, instead opera house, opera music, created from the unconscious and by the stream of the masses, and the ancestry of the mistere anciennes, with it's countrpart, the missa frquented by many and German Bach and Mozart, is most superior because it is how music men use to say, the highest instrument, created by God, not man, only brain would be highest, but after all it seems depreciative to music itself that it's highest form is the madrigal or priceasna, - or in other respects, the story, the count-riddle, or the sand-lines, with the lulluby and the purity of any folklore dance, and also, what it needs saving: the continuous or slide art of the video, up to 20 minutes! & with its dramatic to theatre correspondent, the skit, widely used for millenia in Christendom and decades now in the Evangelical and Christbirth Celebration modern skit, in Romania, recovering after 50 years of Atheism, I believe at least for 20, if not 16 to 17, years -, when we listen to classical music, the Filharmonic, we tend to forget that the great composers were men, I'm sorry, we're "voices", not tombstones engraved in the sketch-albums of or psyche; but the opera with it's story, stone written, and the masterpieces that have survived the blood of time, envolve us most, since Childhood, like a secretive pleasure, something we would blush confessing, and is our still ungrasped and solace after we got to know all the seven wonders of music, and it is a masonic oath, that the most successful and acomplished not only composers or just musicians, but also artists or writers, as Nadar or Ibsen, Whitney or Birdy, deal with the opera theatre, and not to forget, let alone Grauben, Opera is what made J. Verne one of the Writers of thist world, it seems that Opera Works and it's Unhappy Females Minesanger Masters and also the i believe that i have wrote and translated once as "melodic gaze" like in Matisse more than Klee, the melody which is the art of the Opera, is the Key to the bed of dreams of the thirteen years of our Childhood, when we slept in our Mothers brest like calfs of zimbru in the cool of the Hateg forests, - and it also helps a lot if your Mother speaks to you on the opera while you're a young artist and while he lives.

Opera Buff's note. This is why an opera show requires the strictest laws fulfilled because it touches like the hand fingers of God the most hidden lines into our wood, shaping the future and the past in an instant, in a blink of an eye, like in the sport of hunting in the wild. With the best emotions there is nothing Euripidaion in the Opera House, & it'll never b.

Second Opera note. Entirely from the Yin, weak but strong, perspective, the Opera might be Nora's last words before She says Goodbye to the Gate while leaving, but what are those Words, do you know that?!
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