Birdy again Words of a Roman England

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Birdy again
Words of a Roman England

26 nov 2020

If applied the historical approach to the art of Birdy, we can see her transmuted through time in the far Latin realm of the celtic wars and Roman colonisation of The Island, and so the Muse gets naked of appearences as a Mother stripped as a White in 22 Matissian nuances jungle in first Infancy's bathtub Baths together never forgot - maybe, like a sainted Mistery coming from Beyond you, like the Beauty of God, so we could be horses and unicorns, and the Dog with Giant wide Eyes enters in the one million Lights room and goes in the Night to Fetch the Emperor's daughter for the Impudent soldier, and the metre keeps beating on the Desk after the Hymn is Over, the Child thinking for the First time that Cosmos is Ruled by Grammar not Myth, DIES LUX LATINITATE; and in the Romanesque door of the covered garden Birdy, I mean Mother, looks at me saying: -Felix!, în cer - o să fim goi.
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